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MIXER is an automatic device that enormously facilitate preparation, mixing and feeding of multi components water based glues on board of the glue spreader. This system contributes to eliminate wastes during process.

It could be supplied in different versions, according to the different characteristics of the glue, with every kind of hardener.
The mixing group, mounted on board machine, is directly fed by special pumps that take the components from the storage tanks.
MIXER fed automatically the mixed glue as soon the special sensing probes placed between rollers, indicate that glue level is under minimum and stops feeding as soon as the maximum level is reached.

Each rollers group can be fed independently and for this purpose MIXER automatically go to-and-from by pneumatical drive.
A locking device allows the feeding of a single rollers group, when the glue spreader is used for one side only.
A sensor detects the presence of the hardener, and in case of lack the feeding is stopped and the alarm signal warns the operator.
A deviation group allows the automatic cleaning of the mixer chamber at the end of the working cycle simultaneously with the cleaning of the glue spreader rollers.
The mixing chamber can be easily extracted for inspection and cleaning.
All functions are controlled by PLC.

MIXER eliminate completely human intervention, grant the dosing constancy among different components and always a fresh glue preparation.


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