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In the last years the traditional gluing technologies have been supported by new product, innovatives in use and application: we are talking about Polyurethane Hot Melt adhesives (HMPUR).

First in Europe, OMMA believed in Hot Melt process, supporting the traditional production with the development of a dedicated rolls coater, called HGS, for the application of Hot Melt glues.

In many cases reactive PUR show a mix of features (elasticity, praticalness, speed of application and adhesiveness) clearly superior compare to the water-based, solvent or contact glues.

They also allows the bonding of a huge range of heterogeneous materials like natural wood, wood agglomerates, metals, PVC, polyurethane, polyester, ABS, plastic materials, glass-reinforced plastic, glass, sponges, expanded materials, and so on; often they are the perfect alternative in different productive realities.

Another important feature of HMPUR is the resistance to the high temperature, to the humidity and to a lot of chemical solvents.

Moreover, to grant a great adhesion, they doesnít need the classical flat presses, but a simple rollers press.

Machines installed in Italy, in Europe and in the world, are guaranteed for their reliability and quality of application, tested like anyone else.

We continuously operate to make better our HGS (itís at the 4th generation), thanks also to the collaboration with our best customers.

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